Hi, I am Tanyaradzwa.  Founder of Zeronine Media Agency, a PR and Communications boutique agency specializing in boundary smashing new ways of doing cutting edge PR. A mouthful, I know…but that really is what we do! After formalizing Zeronine Media (aka getting off my lazy bum and just jumping right into it) not a day
“Trust the process, trust the process” I whispered to myself on the bus ride back to the city. I had taken a week off the search for internship to go home to refocus and try for opportunities there but I had already mentally checked out on this search and I
On the third draft at attempting to change my cover letter, I laughed at my naivety because I possibly couldn’t have believed that it was just a matter of drawing up a list of companies, sending in your CV, waiting for call backs and then being faced with the dilemma
With the way of life and business constantly changing, it is with no question that business ideas, deals and partnerships are forming in the most unorthodox places. Golf courses have become our new boardrooms and the ‘real’ deals are signed over single grained whisky’s way before getting to the high