“Trust the process, trust the process” I whispered to myself on the bus ride back to the city. I had taken a week off the search for internship to go home to refocus and try for opportunities there but I had already mentally checked out on this search and I had really gone home to stay. After a week off drowning myself in junk food and series my mother suggested I return to the city for one more try before I give up.

Upon arrival I immediately searched for NGO’s as I never tried applying there and the next day, off I was again. After a few days I got placement in an NGO and I was over the moon until the placement wasn’t approved because the organization had no structure so, I was two steps back again. I didn’t understand why the odds weren’t in my favour and I started thinking about anything I could’ve done differently from my first year. After the self-doubt housed itself in my mind, I kindly asked it to leave after two days or so and I did the only thing I knew best, I prayed. I  didn’t pray the same way I have been praying the past months, I prayed more intentional with the last fight I had in me and layed everything on the table. With my self-confidence and faith realigned I went to the Faculty of Civil Engineering and asked for placement as the department of communication was full and they placed me. They had put me at reception and I was mostly doing admin so, I continued applying for internship because there, I wouldn’t cover the work I required for my portfolio.

You know when they said you need to know someone to get somewhere, they weren’t lying. I was at a meeting for the Purpose Programme and I was talking about how I can’t find internship in my field of study and my friend Julia mentioned that Tanya had started a PR agency and she’ll contact her for me. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass and I pestered Julia everyday to find out if there was any progress and eventually she sent me her contact details and I had to wait for a call. I’ve done this wait before and it amounted to nothing so, I picked my phone up and called her about three times with no answer.

Later that day, she sent me a message that she will contact me and the wait continued…

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