Hi, I am Tanyaradzwa. 

Founder of Zeronine Media Agency, a PR and Communications boutique agency specializing in boundary smashing new ways of doing cutting edge PR. A mouthful, I know…but that really is what we do!

After formalizing Zeronine Media (aka getting off my lazy bum and just jumping right into it) not a day goes by without a conversation on PR (what this really is) or brand positioning and how one can or attempt to do this. I find myself teaching a lot more than I anticipated but I have equally come to realise that, that maybe part and parcel of what it takes to stretch and break these industry boundaries that we speak of.

Today, I chose to share 5 Tips every fresh entrepreneur should use but aren’t, not because I really want you to stop asking me at every event I attend, but simply because in as much as I am a PR and Communications practitioner I too had forgotten some of these crucial steps that would have changed the game for Zeronine Media much earlier…and I want to save you that hassle, so in no particular order:

1.    Create a Media Kit…or have someone do this for you!

Having this kit acts like a CV for your business when you are looking to collaborate and work with various brands. The kit essentially includes a brief “about us/me”, pricing, experience along with key stats and services you offer. 

Ideally, have this sent out in PDF format along with emails you are sending to solicitate collaborations/partnerships or even sponsorship. This kit is used to see if you and your business identify with the goals of the brands you are approaching and from your stats what the potential ROI (return on investment) could look like. 

2.    Use a business email address

This maybe a given for some but I cannot count how many business emails I have received from personal babycheeks101@yahoo.com like accounts. Your email address, email content and even tone can send off a clear message of your brand and its representation and you would need this on par. 

Equally, it is advisable to keep your business emails separate from personal. Life is really a lot simpler this way too. This could be done immediately and at no cost with free email clients such as gmail. 

E.g. zeroninemedia@gmail.com if you have not yet obtained a domain name. 


One of the worst things one can do for a start-up company is neglect the 2 clients that are actually reaching out to you. It is great PR to engage, interact, address all social media posts, mentions or emails that you may receive. A simple like or retweet go a long way in developing and maintain relations with existing and potential clients. It shows that you are present and your brand is open to interaction with your followers.

4.    Check all the products and content you create for brand consistency

This is a massive one and when managing your business brand, especially alone it can feel really overwhelming. One common practice I have noticed among fresh entrepreneurs is that we think the logo is the brand and that alone will suffice…sadly not.

Your brand is essentially your fingerprint it must be strong, familiar and aligned in such a way that all that is associated to this brand are connected. Your brand speaks to tone, fonts, feelings, colours, walk, talk the entirety, what makes you, you basically. In order to keep up this consistency, I suggest creating what we call a “litmus test” in which you answer the question of why you are doing what you are doing and when that answer is unfamiliar, re-evaluate what you are doing or putting out there until the answer is aligned. 

5.    Begin to grow your business contact/client list

As a journalist, this has always been GOLD for me. Our “sources” we would call it in the news room and one would protect these with all that they have. This is a lot like it, only that in this context these are your clients and the sooner you begin to develop this list the better for you and your business. 

With this list you can speak directly to those who engage with your products or services, you can tailor your business according to their wants and needs whilst perfecting your business model. In recent times, it has gone beyond just having a name and number, but really looking at their social media handles, what they are following or liking, how best do you engage with them etc.

Having and growing this list has been a game changer for our agency…more on this soon. 

Public Relations should not be complicated or even overwhelming for your new or existing business, it is however essential that you slowly but surely begin to incorporate small tips and tools that will help your business succeed. 

I would love to hear PR tips and tricks you used when starting out your business, how these worked for you and what you have had to change J

Till next time,

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